Spirit Life Bible School

A powerful spirit filled multimedia online bible school

The Spirit Life Online Bible School curriculum has been been developed to resource and equip pastors, leaders and hungry saints in the major themes and doctrines of the Bible. If you are hungry to know God’s Word, and apply it in your life, then the Spirit Life online Bible School provides everything you need to progress your dream.

Commissioned specifically by INC as a means to teach and train leaders and pastors, and develop men and women with a firm grasp of Biblical truth, the curriculum is not just an intellectual exercise, but the product of on the ground ministry – planting churches, raising leaders and releasing God given gifts.


What are people saying about the Spirit Life Bible School?

Ruth Schmierer – Pastor/Leader, INC International

“God’s Word has been a constant source of strength throughout my life. Understanding of the scriptures sharpens our sense of vision, refuels our passion and increases our wisdom for each of life’s arenas. I have greatly enjoyed studying some modules of this Spirit Life Bible School, and I gladly recommend this course to you.”

Gary Hourigan – Hi-Pursuits Ltd, Coaching and Church Multiplication Expert

“It is imperative that all followers of Christ, and in particular those who would be leaders, are well-established in the Word of God. To this end, there is a desperate need for sound biblical resources that will allow students to deepen their understanding of Bible and theology, at their own pace and in their own context. I believe the Spirit Life Bible School provides this opportunity. I fully endorse the Spirit Life Bible School to anyone desiring to increase their personal knowledge and application of Scripture, to any pastor or leader seeking resources to teach their congregation, and to Christian movements seeking to give their future pastors and leaders a sound foundation in Bible and theology.”

Keith Chapman-Burnett – Senior Pastor, House of Destiny Church

“The Spirit Life Bible School has become one of the cornerstones of our Church ministry providing both a highly contemporary and interactive curriculum. The modules are user friendly and interactive, being easy to both teach and learn whilst giving a thorough grounding in all of the key Christian Doctrines. I would wholeheartedly recommend this school curriculum to Pastors looking for an effective means of teaching the word of God as a supplement to other Discipleship programs.”

Jill – Evangelist and Spirit Life Bible School Student

“Spirit Life Bible School is a very practical, biblically based course for all who want to know God, and lay a solid foundation for their Christian walk. It is a good springboard to encourage you to dig deeper into the word of God for yourself. The variety of learning resources presented in a very professional, interactive and visually stimulating format makes it a great course even for people who may have never studied before. Whilst working in the “utter most parts of the earth” Spirit Life Bible School has assisted me in maintaining good spiritual disciplines of prayer and bible study at times when it could have been easy to let these slide. Whether considering just trying one or two modules, or jumping in feet first and signing up for the whole course, I would encourage anyone just to give it a go. There is something in the course for everyone wanting to grow in God.”

Rev. Rod Anderson – UK Chancellor – Wagner Leadership Institute, Senior Leader – Commonwealth Church London

“Every church member needs to go through a systematic study of scripture at the earliest possible opportunity. Without a firm and knowledgable foundation of scripture, God’s people will always fall short of His best for them. I would highly recommend Spirit Life Bible School to every hungry believer.”

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