Ashley & Ruth Schmierer

Ashley and Ruth Schmierer are the UK National Directors of the INC movement of churches, working with strategic leaders in a God-given vision for the United Kingdom. Since 2009, Ashley has also operated as INC International President.

Dual citizens of Australia and Britain, they pastored their first church in Innisfail, Australia. Since 1993 they have lived in Brighton, England, where they established INC’s UK and European church base, now known as CityCoast Church.

Through their leadership and strategic connections, many churches have been established across South Pacific nations, the UK, Europe, the Middle East, North India and Nepal. Their ministry embraces many cultures with a relevant gospel, while strengthening and connecting national leaders.

Ashley and Ruth believe that every person is called to love God, to love people and to make a tangible difference in his or her world. With a desire to impact all areas of society, they have a passion for believers to carry the Good News, as salt and light, bringing positive influence wherever they are positioned. Ashley & Ruth have strong family values and enjoy having their two adult daughters currently living in England.

With many spiritual children, they minister as a true father and mother, helping individuals to find fulfillment and influence in God’s purpose for their lives.

As strategic visionaries believing in God’s power, teamwork and each individual’s potential, Ashley and Ruth know that the big picture, broken down into bite-sized pieces, becomes achievable as we each commit to doing our part.

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